What happens if I exceed the hit limit?

You've been quite popular! If you exceed the hit (i.e. requests per month) limit, we will automatically notify you about this overusage. 

In our Free plan, you will have 7 days to take action. You can do the following things:

  • Look into ways to lower the amount of requests flowing through redirect.pizza. We are happy to provide some tips and tricks for your specific situation to lower this.
  • Remove the redirect that's causing the high number of requests.
  • Upgrade to one of our paid plans.

If you are on one of our paid plans, we will also automatically notify you if you exceed the hit limit. You will have an extended period of 30 days before any action is taken.

If no action is taken after the 7 or 30 days, your account will be automatically blocked. You will receive an automatic email when this happens. If you upgrade to one of the paid plans, the ban is automatically lifted.

Have you taken manual action to lower the amount of hits? Contact support and we will validate the changes (i.e. see a drop in traffic), and we will be happy to remove the overusage flag from your account.

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