Robust redirecting solution without any hassle.

Get peace of mind managing your domain redirects. We're a full-service redirecting solution that breathes security, reliability & high availability.

Why larger
organizations choose us

Global network

High availability

With many POPs around the globe we deliver your redirects in the blink of an eye.

100% uptime

Reliable service

100% uptime SLA, backed by our high availability infrastructure.

Locked down

Security first

HTTP Strict Transport Security, Preventing Foreign Embedding & SAML SSO.

Automatic SSL

Never let your visitors see an error on your redirects. Automatic managed SSL certificates without a second glance.

Dedicated IP

Get your own dedicated IPv4 & IPv6 address without any neighbours. You want whitelabel to the fullest? We got you!

GDPR Compliant

As a European company we are fully compliant with the strict requirements regarding GDPR.

Data stored in EU

All of our data is safely stored in three datacenters in The Netherlands (EU) and is fully redundant.

Tailor made for you

Your own unique pizza plan.

Migration support

One of our experts is always available to help you migrate your existing domains to


Connect with our API to automatically create and manage your redirects.


Tighten up your security by letting your users use their own corporate account to access

You are in good company

SD Worx
RGF Staffing
C.H. Beck
Wunderman Thompson
Lerner Publishing Group

What's included

Everything from Business
Unlimited source hostnames
Unlimited hits per month
100% uptime SLA
Migration support
Priority & phone support
Account manager
Feature development
Invoiced billing
Dedicated IP

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please send them our way. We are happy to help!