Automatic HTTPS

We automatically set up an SSL certificate for your domains, so redirection with HTTPS works out-of-the-box. Just sit back and let the magic happen.

Easy DNS setup

Set up your DNS in no-time with our easy step-by-step instructions. No technical background needed. Just follow our lead!


Gain insights with detailed analytics about your traffic. See what redirect gets the most hits or where your visitors are coming from.

Email Forwarding

Setup your domains to automatically forward wildcard or specific aliases. All your needs to migrating your domain in one platform.

Global network

With multiple POPs around the globe we deliver your redirects in the blink of an eye.

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US Chicago
US Dallas
DE Frankfurt
US Honolulu
ZA Johannesburg
GB London
US Los Angeles
ES Madrid
MX Mexico City
IN Mumbai
US New Jersey
BR Sao Paulo
US Seattle
KR Seoul
US Silicon Valley
SG Singapore
SE Stockholm
AU Sydney
JP Tokyo
CA Toronto

But wait, there's more.


Connect your software to automatically create redirects via our API. Automate away!

Destination Variables

You control how we handle your destination URL. Want to include your domain extension as a query string parameter? No problem.

Path forwarding

Keep the original path and keep it in the destination for a smooth domain change migration and keeping your SEO game intact.

Query Parameter Forwarding

Forward query parameters found on the source URL to the destination.

Multiple Redirect Types

Choose the status code that works for you. Choose 301/307 (permanent), 302/308 (temporary) or frame your destination.

Team Support

Doing things all by yourself isn't much fun. Invite your co-workers to manage the redirects and work as a team.

Automatic DNS

Integrate directly with your DNS provider, and apply the DNS changes from one platform.

QR code generator

Create a QR code that you can use for marketing purposes. You can change the destination anytime after printing.

Import & Export

Manage your redirects without losing precious time. Import and export redirects in our UX-friendly interface.

Fast, faster, fastest

Get redirected in a blink of an eye; our redirection servers are processing millions of request per hour in milliseconds.

Privacy First

We're based in Europe and are fully compliant with GDPR. Privacy-first!


Group your redirects by adding tags. Keep everything organized and easy to find.

Bulk actions

Want to apply the same action for multiple redirects in one go? Do yourself a favor and start using bulk actions.

Dark mode

Give your eyes some well deserved rest by using the dark mode. Sync with your system or choose manually.


Enable HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) on team or domain level for an extra layer of protection.

Change Destination Anytime

Once you're set up, you can change the destination URL anytime you want, and see the change in real-time.

Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your account with TOTP two-factor authentication. Scan the QR code, setup your app of choice, and you're safe(er).

IDN Support

Add international hostnames with non-Latin characters. We ❤ that.


Chat away! We're happy to help set up your account and answer your questions.