Free redirect service is one of the best URL redirection services out there. It's free tier (margherita package) gives you a full fledged service for creating fast and reliable 301 redirects. You get up to 5 sources and 100.000 hits per month.

We support redirects from the root domain to www subdomain, from an old domain to a new domain, or one url to another url. Set up your first secure redirect today.

Setting up your HTTPS redirects

Get the most out of the https redirect service offered by today. It is easy to set up, secure, reliable, and best of all we have awesome support to resolve any questions you may have.

Follow the easy to follow steps and get started with your first secure redirect.

Step 1: Getting registered

Getting registered on is totally free. You can register yourself by signing up with Google, Github, Apple, or create your own account using your email address.

Step 2: Creating your first URL Redirect

Using our free 301 redirect service couldn’t be easier. Just fill in the details of your old domain or URL that you want redirected as source URLs. Now add the destination (a new domain or a URL) that you want your source to redirect to. Finally select the type of redirect that you want (301, 302, or another) and click on create.

Step 3: Changing the DNS records

Once the redirect is created, the final step is to configure your DNS of the domain to our server. All the information required can be accessed here. Voila! You are good to go, all you have to do is wait for the DNS records to update. When the domain DNS is validated, the SSL certificate is automatically requested and installed on our servers.

Now type in the old URL or domain that you wanted to redirect and you can now confirm if our URL redirect service has worked it's magic.

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Free redirect service

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fit your needs

Automatic HTTPS

We automatically set up an SSL certificate for your domains, so redirection with HTTP & HTTPS works out-of-the-box.


Gain insights with detailed analytics about your redirects. See which domains are getting the most hits or where your visitors are coming from.

Email Forwarding

Setup your domains to automatically forward email. All your needs to migrating your domain in one platform.

Team Support

Doing things all by yourself isn't much fun. Invite your colleagues to manage the redirects and work as a team.


Connect your software to automatically create redirects via our API. Automate that shi*t.

Import & Export

Import and export redirects at any point in the process; whatever works for you.