Dedicated IP

A Dedicated IP is used as a full white label option to ensure only your brand name is communicated.

A Dedicated IP has the following advantages:

  • You may define a custom CNAME record which is set as the reverse-DNS. This will ensure a full white label experience.
  • You may define your own error templates in HTML. These pages will be shown when a redirect cannot be found. This will ensure that the brand is never visible to your customers.
  • You may define a custom redirect for when the IP address is entered to your own brand domain.
  • You may define a custom ACME server for issuing SSL certificates. 
  • No other customers will be sharing the IP address, so reverse DNS services will only list your domains.

Dedicated IPs are available as an additional paid add-on. When requested, a dedicated IPv4 & IPv6 address is assigned to your team. Optionally, you may specify your own CNAME record to point to those IP addresses, which may be used as a PTR record for your IPv4 & IPv6 address.

We highly recommend this option for larger redirect deployments (from +/- 500 source hostnames).

Interested in your own dedicated IP for Contact us for more information.

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