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Free redirect service with HTTPS support

The old days, point all traffic to your server and 301 it to another location. The rise of "encrypt all the things" makes this a bit harder, as every source requires a SSL certificate to be able to redirect properly, otherwise you'll get the gnarly SSL errors.

This completely free service makes creating redirects a breeze!

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1Add your sources

Add your source(s), for instance These will be redirected to your new destination.

2DNS change

The sources which you want to redirect require a DNS change. We'll wait a bit until it's fully propagated.

3Automatic HTTPS

DNS all set? We'll ask the folks over at LetsEncrypt for a SSL certificate and install it automatically.


All source traffic is now redirected to the destination!


Completely free.

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Add your redirect

Add your redirect

Automatic HTTPS

Automatic HTTPS