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When migrating your website, or making adjustments to your URL structure, it’s important to make sure that the traffic is redirected to an appropriate destination. However, creating and managing all your redirects can be quite a hassle. That’s where redirect.pizza comes in. We make sure that all your redirects are properly maintained and always working correctly!

Our high-performance redirect service for your website and domain

It’s in our name: redirect.pizza makes sure that your redirects are managed efficiently and that all traffic lands on an appropriate destination. This is done through our high-performance edge network, minimizing latency, and enhancing the overall user experience. Our redirect service includes a number of key features:

1. URL redirect service: 

When existing redirection tools came up short, we created our own. This URL Redirect Service we created worked so brilliantly, it felt too good to keep to ourselves. So we decided to go public and share it with the world. Do you want to know the good news? It’s possible to try it out for free.

url redirect settings redirect.pizza

Flexible redirect rules

redirect.pizza offers a number of ways to configure your redirects. This includes the redirect types, such as a 301 or 302 redirect, but also creating path-specific redirects. Read our setup guide on redirect settings for more information.

However, that's not all! Here is a quick overview of all the additional settings and ways to set up your redirects:

  • Destination variables: redirect.pizza supports a number of different variables to use in your redirect. These will be automatically replaced when the redirect is performed. Multiple destination variables can be used in a single destination URL 
  • Regex matching to create more complex redirect rules, create capture groups and catch all rules.

Learn more about how matching works with redirect.pizza.

Prevent foreign embedding

You may want to enable prevent foreign embedding to prevent your redirects from being embedded. When this is enabled we will add the best-practice headers to prevent framing for these domains. 

2. SSL redirect service (HTTPS redirects

At redirect.pizza, SSL redirection works straight from the box. Our redirect service makes it a breeze to set this up, and you don’t have to worry about any invalid SSL certificates. We'll request an SSL certificate for your old domain, so it still works correctly with HTTPS. Like magic! Only better, because it’s so easy and predictable! Aside from that, both the HTTP and HTTPS versions of your domain will still work. Useful if you’ve got existing redirects via a domain provider - such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.

3. Built-in analytics for your redirects

Keeping track of your redirects is made easy with our built-in analytics. Analytics gives you insight into your redirects, and you can see which domains are relevant. For instance, domains that aren't getting traffic anymore can be canceled with your domain provider, but the high-traffic domains can still be kept intact. More importantly, our redirect.pizza includes broken destination monitoring, which will alert you whenever a redirect is not functioning due to a broken destination.

analytics dashboard for redirects created with redirect.pizza

Summary email

redirect.pizza will automatically send you a summary email with relevant insights about your redirects. It also includes broken destination monitoring, alerting you when a broken redirect has been found, so you can keep in control of your redirects.

Interested? Try our redirect service for free

If you're interested in testing out our redirect service, you can create an account by clicking on the "create free redirect" button below. With this account, you gain access to a whole host of amazing additional features that redirect.pizza offers. 


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Automatic HTTPS

We automatically obtain an SSL certificate for your domain(s). Redirection with HTTP & HTTPS out-of-the-box.
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Who is still visiting those old domains? Gain insight with detailed statistics and find out where the hits are coming from.
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Connect your software to automatically create redirects via our API. Automate away!
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Email Forwarding

Setup your domains to automatically forward email. All your needs for managing your domains in one platform.
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Team Support

Doing things all by yourself isn't much fun. Invite your co-workers to manage the redirects and work as a team.

Automatic DNS

Integrate directly with your DNS provider, and apply the DNS changes from one platform.
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Import & Export

Manage your redirects without losing precious time. Import and export redirects in our UX-friendly interface.

Fast, faster, fastest

Get redirected in a blink of an eye; our redirection servers are processing millions of request per hour in milliseconds.
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Group your redirects by adding tags. Keep everything organized and easy to find.

Bulk actions

Want to apply the same action for multiple redirects in one go? Do yourself a favor and start using bulk actions.

Dark mode

Give your eyes some well deserved rest by using the dark mode. Sync with your system or choose manually.


What is a redirect service?

A redirect service helps website owners to create and manage the redirects of their domains and URLs.

How does a redirect work?

Redirects work by rerouting traffic from one domain, or URL, to another. This means that the incoming traffic will be redirected from one domain, or URL, to another. Usually, this is due to changes in domain names, or to perform maintenance on a particular page.

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Domain redirects delivered hassle-free

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