User types has three roles for your team members; what are the differences?


An owner is the primary team manager. This role contains all permissions and can manage the full account.


A member is someone that can be invited by the team's owner. The member will receive an email and can onboard from there.

A member can:

  • Create/edit/view/import/export redirects
  • Create/edit/view e-mail forwards
  • View/edit hostnames
  • Dive in analytics
  • View the Team's API token
  • Manage/edit/delete tags
  • Manage the Automatic DNS settings

A member cannot:

  • Manage Billing
  • Change Team Settings (Team name / Default security settings)
  • View the activity log
  • Invite & delete other users
  • Delete the team

A team always contains at least 1 owner and may have additional members. Contact support to convert existing members into additional owners, or if you want to change the owner of the team.


A read-only user can be invited by a team owner and will receive an email to begin onboarding. This user has view-only access within the account and is unable to make any changes. They can view redirects, email forwards, hostnames, and analytics, but cannot create or update anything.

Read-only access is ideal for sharing analytical insights with specific users while preventing unwanted changes.

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