How to redirect a URL with HTTPS

Redirect codes (301, 302 etc) are used by both website users and search engines to switch from one page to another. Redirecting a URL can be done for a variety of purposes. Redirection to a url can be done to avoid broken links that occur as pages are moved or to shorten the URL.

It can also enable the same owner to have several domain names pointing to the same website, make it easier for users to visit a website. 

They're vital for SEO and user experience, because neither users nor browsers want to fall on a website that doesn't exist or get a "page not found". There are various kinds of redirects, and each can and should be used in different circumstances.

What is a redirect?

A server redirect is a web server feature that sends a user to a different URL. Since redirects are so important in SEO, it's essential to understand what the types of redirects are that are available, how to redirect a url, and how they compare to one another.

  1. 301 Moved Permanently
    The most accurate, common, and realistic method of redirecting a web page is to use a permanent redirect 301 redirect. When a website is permanently relocated to a new address that needs to be indexed by search engines, this form of redirect code is used to redirect the URL from the old one to the new one.

    A 301 redirect is particularly useful in the following situations:

    • When you want a smooth transfer of traffic from your old site to your new site.

    • As visitors arrive at your site via various URLs, you can select a preferred URL and then use 301 to redirect all traffic to that URL.

    • When merging two websites, you want to make sure the links to old URLs are redirected to the appropriate pages.

      When a web page forward a URL to another URL, it takes time for the search engines to process the 301 redirects, grasp the concept, and reward the new page with all of the previous page's rankings (including trust). This process will take longer if search engine spiders do not frequently visit the given site or do not redirect the new URL properly.

  2. 302 Moved Temporarily
    When a URL is temporarily redirected to another site, a 302 redirect is used. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), also known as HTTP, is the protocol that governs how a URL functions on the internet. This comes in two major versions: 1.0 and 1.1. The status code 302 in the first version meant "temporarily transferred." This was modified to indicate found in version 1.1.

    This redirect is particularly useful in the following situations:

    • When you need to temporarily redirect traffic to another website while your page is being worked on.

    • When you need to redirect users to a different page while keeping your original URL indexed.

    • When your content is at one URL, but you're promoting links to a different URL.

  3. 303 Redirects
    303 redirects can be used to show that the redirects are linked to a different domain instead of the newly uploaded sites. They're rarely discussed in relation to SEO because, unlike a confirmation page or an upload progress page, this sort of redirect has no impact on it. 303 redirect can be used to avoid the details of a form from being resubmitted when a user uses their browser's back button. A 303 redirect is almost never used.

  4. 307 (Moved Temporarily)
    The 307 redirect is a server-side variant of the 302 redirect in HTTP 1.1. When the server responds with a redirect, the 307 redirects are used to ensure that the HTTP form that is used to generate the request does not change.

    A 307 redirect, like a 302, can only be used when traffic has been decided to relocate to some other URL. It is better to use the 302 redirect as it's not clear how the search engines will respond to the 307 redirect.

  5. 308 Redirects (Moved Permanently)
    The permanent version of the 307 redirect is the 308 redirect. The 308 redirect does transfer page authority, as one would expect from a permanent redirect.

    The 308 redirect, like the 307 redirect, retains the original HTTP process. Since it's uncertain how search engines would respond to the 308 redirect at the moment, it is safe to use the Redirect 301 instead of 308 to indicate permanently transferring data.

Redirect a URL with HTTPS using is a free domain redirect service with complete functionality. For old to new domain redirection, you can create complex rules that recognize unique paths. The free tier allows up to 5 sources and 100,000 monthly hits.

Features of has the following features:

  1. From the old domain to the current domain
    Your old domain will be disabled, but it will continue to use HTTPS, allowing your users to save it in that format. You set up your redirect code, but the old domain throws an SSL error because it doesn't have a valid SSL certificate. is an easy-to-use redirect service. We'll get your old domain an SSL certificate so it can continue to use HTTPS.
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  4. Easy setup
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How does work?

How to redirect a link to another website via, follow these steps:

  1. Create a redirect link online visiting the official page of
  2. Create your redirection.
  3. Set up your DNS server.
  4. Your redirect is ready to go! That's the end of it.


Browser redirect is a helpful service that allows users to point their domains or subdomains to specific URLs when they are required. This is typically needed when a website is no longer accessible under its original domain name. Or all users who have linked to it need to be automatically notified of the change.

As a result, the URL redirection feature assists domain owners in maintaining the relevance of incoming links to their websites. is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that makes setting up redirects a convenience. While redirecting should not be difficult, setting up a separate server may be inconvenient if you just need to redirect a few domains.

That's why we came up with the idea of Initially, it was created to serve our use case, but we decided to make it publicly accessible after some time! Create an account and add your first redirect to get started!

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