Getting started

Before we're getting started, it's important to know you must own or have access to the domain you are trying to redirect. See more here.

Step 1: Create a account

Get started today by creating an account:

Step 2: Add your domain to

Add your domain you wish to redirect. For our example, we have a domain with GoDaddy ''. Add the domain to the 'Source URL' field. We recommend adding www & the apex (non-www). 

Add your domain to

You see the DNS spinning, and the detected & required values are different.

Required DNS change

Step 3: Making the DNS change

This differs per domain. The DNS change must be made with the domain registrant or DNS provider. They have an option to change the DNS zone for that domain. For more help per provider, it's best to contact the domain provider and share the necessary DNS changes. Most of the time, they are happy to help you make that change!

Using GoDaddy? See our step-by-step explanation: GoDaddy: Forwarding with HTTPS support

Unsure which provider your domain is under? See What are these DNS changes?

Step 4: Waiting

Changed the DNS? Awesome! You can see the DNS propogation progress with a site like WhatsMyDNS. For our example, you can see for instance that the DNS change has been fully propogated:

When it's fully propogated (note: this can take up to 24 hours), should detect that and show a green checkmark next to the DNS records. 

Step 5: Done!

Green checkmark is shown? Then all is set-up, and traffic is flowing through!

Redirect is all done!

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