GoDaddy: Forwarding with HTTPS support

GoDaddy provides out-of-the box basic support for forwarding your domain. Unfortunately it's missing important features like HTTPS & Analytics.

When the redirect is setup at GoDaddy, no SSL certificate is installed on the domain. This results in SSL errors when visiting the domain via HTTPS. automatically installs & manages a SSL certificate and makes sure it never expires. Let's get started!

Step 1: Create a account

Get started today by creating an account:

Step 2: Add your domain to

Add your domain you wish to redirect. For our example, we have a domain with GoDaddy ''. Add the domain to the 'Source URL' field. We recommend adding www & the apex (non-www). 

GoDaddy add redirect

You see the DNS 'checking' as the detected & required values are different.

GoDaddy DNS not pointed

Step 3: Navigating to GoDaddy

To allow redirecting via, we need to make a one-time DNS change at GoDaddy.

Navigate to 'Domains' -> find your domain in this list -> go to the detail page.

Then, scroll to the bottom and press 'Manage DNS'. This opens the DNS Management screen. Your screen should look something like this:

Additional settings

Step 4: Disabling GoDaddy's forwarding (when enabled)

If you don't see an 'edit' button next to the '@' record, GoDaddy's forwarding service is still enabled. We first need to disable that to allow the DNS records to be changed. If you do see a edit button, go to step 5.

Go to the bottom of the Domain Manager, press on the delete link next to forward and confirm this action.

Disabling GoDaddy's forwarding

A confirmation message should appear that this is disabled.

The edit button after the '@' record should now be visible. If not, you need to refresh the page.

Changing DNS

Step 5: Changing the DNS

We can now change the DNS. Press the edit button icon next to the '@' record. Change the value of 'Points to' to (see What DNS types can I use?). Press 'Save'. This IP address should then be visible next to the '@' record.

Changing DNS

Next up is the 'www' record. By default, a 'www' CNAME is created which points to '@'. This will work, but we recommend changing this value to ''. 

Changing www

That's everything in the GoDaddy Domain Manager. You can close this tab now. To confirm, it should look something like this:End result

Step 4: DNS verification in

The DNS changes have been made! This takes some time before the internet picks up these changes. In most cases, it should be done within a few hours, depending on the TTL set on those records. will automatically keep checking the DNS records. If it's detected to be correct, a SSL certificate will be automatically requested & installed. 

GoDaddy redirect verified


That's it! You've succesfully setup with GoDaddy. The domain now has full HTTPS support and is redirecting via 

Consider subscribing to one of our paid plans to help us out! ❤️

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