SSL redirection

The internet has grown exponentially and is one of the most transformative technologies in the world. And as the internet keeps growing, so is the number of sites switching from HTTP to HTTPS. The last few years we have seen a surge in the drastic increase of sites switching from HTTP to HTTPS due to privacy concerns.

Redirecting old domain to new domain

You may already have run into this issue, or are about to run into it. Your old domain will soon be phased out, but always have used HTTPS, so your users may have bookmarked the https version.

You set up your redirect, but then an SSL error is thrown on the old domain, as there is no valid SSL certificate active there.

At, redirection with HTTPS works out of the box. Our redirect service makes this a breeze to set up and you do not have to worry about any invalid SSL certificates. We'll request an SSL certificate for your old domain, so it still works correctly with HTTPS.

Apex to subdomain

Domain apex is essentially the root of your domain. In this particular scenario, you may have a newly created website, but your hosting service only allows you to use the SSL certificate on a subdomain. Your users still expect that the non-www variant (naked domain, or 'apex') works correctly. makes setting this up easy to do, and we'll set up an SSL certificate too for the apex domain!

There are many ways to redirect your URLs from HTTP to HTTPS, and working with a number of redirects could make things confusing and frustrating. We at help make this task as simple as possible with our user-friendly UI and UX.

You can easily create or import the SSL redirects of your old website to the new one and manage and monitor it on our dashboard.

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SSL redirection

Domain redirects delivered hassle-free


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Automatic HTTPS

We automatically obtain an SSL certificate for your domain(s). Redirection with HTTP & HTTPS out-of-the-box.


Who is still visiting those old domains? Gain insight with detailed statistics and find out where the hits are coming from.


Connect your software to automatically create redirects via our API. Automate away!

Path forwarding

Keep the original path and keep it in the destination for a smooth domain change migration and keeping your SEO game intact.

Query Parameter Forwarding

Forward query parameters found on the source URL to the destination.

Email Forwarding

Setup your domains to automatically forward email. All your needs for managing your domains in one platform.