Automatic HTTPS automatically installs an SSL certificate on your domain. This means that redirects with "http://" & "https://" are both working.

On top of this, we make sure the SSL ciphers are up-to-date. Only the most secure TLS versions are supported and we'll automatically renew the certificate before it expires.

We're build on top of the SSL giants of LetsEncrypt & ZeroSSL and can't offer without them.

Why use 2 issuers? Redundancy! When one of those isn't responding or is rate limited, we can automatically fallback on the second one.

By implementing OSCP stapling, we ensure that even if one of those issuers revokes a certificate, a new certificate is automatically requested and installed.

We're proud to have an A+ rating from Qualys SSL Labs for our HTTPS redirects in all the different plans, even Free!

A+ rating on SSL Labs

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