SAML SSO can connect directly with your IdP to enable SSO via SAML2. This guide provides the necessary information for setting that up.

Note: SAML SSO is only available from our Business plan and up.

Setting up

Navigate in to More -> Settings. At the bottom of the page, you will find your entity ID & ACS URL.

Navigate to your identity provider and set-up your SSO connection with the Entity ID & ACS URL as defined here.

Set the following options if available:

  • Name ID format: EmailAddress
  • Signed Assertions: Yes
  • Encryption: Preferred. Download our certificate here.

Downloading your specifications

Download your IdP's metadata XML file and send it to to be configured on your team. Include which domains you want to activate SSO on. In most cases, it's a single domain. We can support multiple domains under 1 SSO configuration as well. After which, we'll set-up SAML SSO and let you know when it's activated.


When SAML SSO is activated, users may authenticate through their IdP or via When a domain is detected in the email address, we'll prompt the user with the ability to login directly with SAML SSO.

SAML SSO login

Inviting users

You can invite new users under More -> Users. They will receive an invite link. When that link is followed the user is provisioned directly. 

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