Want to redirect everything on your domain & don't want to manage your own DNS server for these domains? provides nameservers with the DNS records always pointing in the right direction. This can be use-full for parked domains where everything under it should be redirected via

Our nameservers utilize the same high-performance edge network as you expect.

Warning: when changing the nameservers, everything under your domain will be pointing to Use with care and only if you understand the consequences! In most cases, keeping your nameservers intact makes the most sense.

You can find your nameservers in your Team Settings. Each team is assigned an unique combination of nameservers which allows domain verification ownership. Only use your own nameserver combination.Example nameserversThe following DNS records will be returned for all domains:

3600 MX 10
3600 MX 20
3600 A
3600 AAAA 2a12:5240::1
3600 CAA 0 issue ""
3600 CAA 0 issue ""
3600 TXT "v=spf1" * 3600 A
* 3600 AAAA 2a12:5240::1

When a dedicated IP is used, your own dedicated IP address will be returned.

Want to test it out? You may dig around with the domain

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