Troubleshooting new redirects

You set-up the redirect & changed the DNS entries but it isn't working yet! Here are some troubleshooting tips.

Did the DNS fully propogate?

You changed the DNS with your DNS/domain provider, and retried the DNS checker in and it went green! You checked it right away in your browser, but non buono yet. 

It's important to give the DNS change some time to propogate. You can:

  • See how far along it is with something like
  • Ping the domain on your own machine (ping Here some more info.

DNS is changed but it's still not redirecting!

Sometimes browsers cache the old result of the domain quite long. It's best to check the redirect domain via the following other ways:

Still not working via any of the options above? Give it some extra time before it's working on your browser as well. Want to make sure? Add a random query string behind you source to force-check it locally. 

For instance, if your redirect is, try it with ""

Still not working?

Still not working after a few hours and tried the steps above? Contact support via the chat or send us an email on We are happy to help.

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