Edge network migration

In May 2022 we've launched our next generation global redirection network. This network is our biggest improvement yet. We're proud to say we can provide the fastest redirecting service from any location due to our edge servers being close to your visitors.

What does this mean for me?

We'll be phasing out our legacy infrastructure the coming year. We expect to take this legacy IP space offline in Q1 of 2024.

If you have been using redirect.pizza's legacy IP space, a DNS change on domain level is required. We're encouraging anyone to upgrade as soon as possible to get the best performance and uptime.

If you have any domains pointing to this legacy infrastructure you will receive an email from us with an overview of which domains you need to upgrade.

We're owner of this new IP space, so future migrations will not require a DNS change. Pinky promise!

What do I need to do?

All domains with the following IPs used require a DNS change. This is a one-time change. Click here to see all your domains that need to be migrated.

A records: replace with

AAAA records: replace 2a01:7c8:e001:1a:0:0:0:6ab2 with 2a12:5240::1

CNAME records: replace a.redirect.pizza with edge.redirect.pizza


Contact support via support@redirect.pizza. We'll be happy to help out.

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